50 psi gauge, pressure sensor, g 1 4 thread, 3 wires 0 5V signal cheap transducer, DC 12 to 30V, power 24V, ss 316L diaphragm

50 psi gauge, pressure sensor, g 1 4 thread, 3 wires 0 5V signal cheap transducer, DC 12 to 30V, power 24V, ss 316L diaphragm
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Oписание продукта


Available products in different pressure and voltage

204S18N015PS4.5V5VSS204 1/8NPT 15psi gauge5Vdc 0.5...4.5V
204S18N015PS4.5V12SS204 1/8NPT 15psi gauge 12Vdc 0.5...4.5V
204S18N015PS15V12VSS204 1/8NPT 15psi gauge12Vdc 1...5V
204S18N015PS05V12VSS204 1/8NPT 15psi gauge12Vdc 0...5V
204S18N030PS4.5V5VSS204 1/8NPT 30psi gauge5Vdc 0.5...4.5V
204S18N030PS4.5V12VSS204 1/8NPT 30psi gauge12Vdc 0.5...4.5V
204S18N030PS15V12VSS204 1/8NPT 30psi gauge12Vdc 1...5V
204S18N030PS05V12VSS204 1/8NPT 30psi gauge12Vdc 0...5V
204S18N050PS4.5V5VSS204 1/8NPT 50psi gauge5Vdc 0.5...4.5V
204S18N050PS4.5V12VSS204 1/8NPT 50psi gauge12Vdc 0.5...4.5V
204S18N050PS15V12VSS204 1/8NPT 50psi gauge12Vdc 1...5V
204S18N050PS05V12VSS204 1/8NPT 50psi gauge12Vdc 0...5V
204S18N075PS4.5V5VSS204 1/8NPT 75psi gauge5Vdc 0.5...4.5V
204S18N075PS4.5V12VSS204 1/8NPT 75psi gauge12Vdc 0.5...4.5V
204S18N075PS15V12VSS204 1/8NPT 75psi gauge12Vdc 1...5V
204S18N075PS05V12VSS204 1/8NPT 75psi gauge12Vdc 0...5V
204S18N100PS4.5V5VSS204 1/8NPT 100psi gauge5Vdc 0.5...4.5V
204S18N100PS4.5V12VSS204 1/8NPT 100psi gauge12Vdc 0.5...4.5V
204S18N100PS15V12VSS204 1/8NPT 100psi gauge12Vdc 1...5V
204S18N100PS05V12VSS204 1/8NPT 100psi gauge 12Vdc 0...5V




CE conformitySilicone oil filledStainless steel 316L diaphragm



SS204 series piezoresistive pressure sensors are the premium products of the SENDO OEM-line, it is a very classic sensor used in air, water, oil and other media compatible with stainless steel 316L, smart size, beautiful appearance, light weight, all these make the sensors suitable to the applications with limited space and weight. 

A high performance piezoresistive pressure transducer is assembled in the housing, the transducer floats on an O-ring seal and is therefore free of any housing stresses, giving excellent long-term stability. Typical applications: automotive: monitor the oil pressure, fuel pressure and brake system, HVAC/R: monitor system performance for proper environmental control, air compressors: monitor compressor performance.


Technical data

Supply Voltage


Output Signal

1 → 5V

Pressure Range

50psi gauge

Proof Pressure



1%[email protected] 25°C

3%[email protected]°C<T<1​05°C

Environmental conditions

Medium temperature range

-20°C → +105°C

Ambient temperature range

-20°C → +80°C

Insulation resistance >100 MΩ at 250 V

Mechanical configurations 

Pressure Connection


Electrical Connection

3ways round packard

Sealing Rating



Stainless Steel 316L


Stainless Steel 316L



Dimensions & electrical connections