Brushless Motor Adjustable Solar Panel 15W 14inch Solar Exhaust Fan with cable switch ventilation fan Providing 2805CMH Air Flow

Brushless Motor Adjustable Solar Panel 15W 14inch Solar Exhaust Fan with cable switch ventilation fan Providing 2805CMH Air Flow
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Oписание продукта

Brushless Motor Adjustable Solar Panel 15W 14inch Solar Exhaust Fan with cable switch ventilation fan Providing 2805CMH Air Flow



4 Colors for Choice

solar attic fan.jpg

Solar Panel12 watt15 watt20 watt
Fan Blade12 inch14 inch14 inch
Air Flow1955CMH (1150CFM)2805CMH (1650CFM)3315CMH (1950CFM)
Motor Speed2300RPM2100RPM2200RPM
Host Size530X530X250mm530x530x250mm530x530x250mm


Matched Accessories


1Power AdapterAC adaptor.jpgAC/DC Power Adapter
 to back up solar fan works nonstop even in sunless periods,
AC input: 100-240V, DC output: 18V 1A,
3m cable to connect solar fan with this adapter
2ThermostatThermostat.jpg Snap-Action Thermostat
to control solar fan works / stops at preset temperature,
if 25 Celsius, on: 25ºC +/- 3ºC; off: 18ºC +/- 5ºC,
if 28 Celsius, on: 28ºC +/- 3ºC; off: 21ºC +/- 5ºC
3Fan GuardFan guarded.jpg Metal Fan Guard
to prevent flying objects go inside the house through ventilator
/ protect fan blades
4SwitchPower cord switch.jpgPower Cord with Switch
to control solar fan works / stops flexibly at any time,
include 2m cable
Function Description


1. Improving air circulation.

Taking advantage of the free & clean solar energy, this attic fan will pump out the interior heat & moisture to balance your house temperature, so as to provide refreshing ventilation and more environmental-friendly surrounding, and to lower down your general power consumption cost.

2. Extending roofing lifespan. 

Being exposed long to the strong sun, your roofing underlayment may go weak and even lose efficiency under the very high temperature. This roof ventilator can help reduce such heat to prolong their lifespan and to help you save certain maintenance or replacement fee.

3. Reducing moisture & harmful mildews.

When collided with chilly attic-roof in winter, the interior ware & humid air will condense into water droplets, such saturated humidity might cause dangerous electrical short circuit or create mildews to harm your plasterboards. Adequate & more active indoor ventilation provided by this exhaust fan can help remove these moisture contents & harmful elements for you.

4. Preventing ice-dam. 

In snowy winter, interior warm air could melt those snows at roof to generate droplets falling down to the eaves. These droplets will then refreeze into ice damming on your roof and arousing dangers, this solar ventilator can help preventing such unsafe factors through keeping the indoor environment dry.

5. Reduce the heat load on air-conditioning ducting to help you save money.


Special functions of attic fan deserve you to own it for your warm hourse.

Part Descriptions

part description.jpg

ItemPart Name12\'\' Fan14\'\' Fan
Part DescriptionPart Description
1Solar panel12W, 17.4V, 0.689A15W, 17.4V, 0.862A
2Angle adjustment bracketMaterial: Galvanization steel-1.0pc.Material: Galvanization steel-1.0pc.
3Left/Right requlating plateMaterial: Galvanization steel-1.0pc.Material: Galvanization steel-1.0pc.
4Shroud coverMaterial: Galvanization steel-1.0pc.Material: Galvanization steel-1.0pc.
5Wind guide coneMaterial: Galvanization steel-1.0pc.Material: Galvanization steel-1.0pc.
6Wind guide bladeMaterial: Galvanization steel-1.0pc.Material: Galvanization steel-1.0pc.
7Air ductMaterial: Galvanization steel-1.0pc.Material: Galvanization steel-1.0pc.
8Fan BladeMaterial: AluminumMaterial: Aluminum
9Motor24V Brush DC motor24V Brush DC motor
10Motor BracketMaterial: Galvanization steel-2.0pc.Material: Galvanization steel-2.0pc.
11Bottom boardMaterial: Galvanization steel-1.0pc.Material: Galvanization steel-1.0pc.

Patented Air Draft Design, for a Higher Efficiency!!!

Our patent-designed turbine wind guide blades structure is adopted in this ventilator. Following a 360-degree swirl ventilation mode and being free from outside airstream interferes, it can work efficiently in sunny days to exhaust out the indoor heat & smell and not let any exterior air going in, so as to keep the living & working environment always clean & fresh.

air draft.jpg

In raining windy days, this air draft design can also efficiently prevent the rains or winds from flowing backward.


Adjustable solar panel

Horizontally 180Regulation


This roof exhaust fan carries a horizontal adjustment platform design for the solar panel to rotate left or right and face towards the sun, this rotation can be as big as to 180o.

Vertically 4 positioning


To capture most direct sunlight for the device to work most efficiently, its solar panel can be adjusted vertically at 4 angles, that is 0o, 15o, 30o& 45o.

Application Area

Because this attic fan can keep the house air refreshing, so it can apply many places.

application area.jpg

Life-span & Warranty

1. Metal Casing>> service life 10 Years>> warranty 5 Years
2. Solar panel>>service life 25 Years>> warranty 5 Years

3. Battery>>service life 5 Years>> warranty 2 Years  (Optional )
4.. Brush DC Motor>> service life 20000 Hours>> warranty 2 Years

Packing (1pc/carton)Package VolumeLoading Quantity
LengthWidthHeight20\' GP40\' HQ
640mm640mm320mm0.13 cbm216 pcs516 pcs


The optional solar battery system is packed in an extra carton, sized 390x390x120mm /

Installation Guide

Step 1. Draw and cut a circle as the venting hole

Choose a place due south or southwest to the sun as mounting position for your solar fan, where the sun should not be shaded or blocked, so that your fan can capture direct and enjoy extended period of sunlight throughout the day.

Tips: The chosen position is 18-24 inches away from top of the roof peak and as close to the mid-point of house as position.

Then trance along the cutting template for a circle and cut out a complete hole at 12’’ or 14’’ diameter as the venting hole for product.

installation 1.jpg

Step 2. Position your solar fan upon the hole.

>>Don’t bring the product up on roof until you finish cutting the mounting hole.

>>Always secure your fan on roof to avoid injury or having the fan slide off the roof and get damaged.


Step 3. Secure the solar fan

Drive through visible pre-drilled holes on bottom board with screws or nails to secure your solar fan to the roof.  Then apply waterproof roofing sealant to the screw heads to prevent water percolation.



>>Any shingles that remain loose should be fixed with nails & waterproof roofing sealant as well.

>>If your ventilator is to mount on industrial metal roof, please apply waterproof sealant on 2 sides of bottom board and attach with additional metal bars, then spray waterproof sealant onto the metal bars to prevent leaking.


Step 4. Adjust direction & angle for the solar panel adjustable models.

Install the provided screws and brackets left from package to the unit. Then setup the solar panel direction and angle by rotating the regulating plate and adjustment brackets. The optimal adjustment is to have your solar panel 90o to the midday path of the sun.

step 4.jpg


1. This solar fan will start working automatically whenever the sun shines on the solar panel, so it is always wise be exercise caution when approaching the fan.

2. Use appropriate attire or equipment, like safety glass, glove, hard hat etc. during operation to avoid accidents.

3. Installation work and electrical wiring must be done by qualified persons and in accordance with all applicable building codes and standards, including fire requirements.

4. To prevent back drafting of any afuel burning equipment in the attic, sufficient air needed for proper combustion and exhausting of gases through the flue of fuel bumming equipment… …